Company Profile
Ashtavinayak Media & Entertainment is a full service post-production and visual effects facility contributing to a film's making from script analysis to mastering. Ashtavinayak Media & Entertainment's Team work hand-in-hand with Content Producers and Directors from an early stage to ensure world-class results. Our teams are geared up to handle projects of varying sizes and complexity. Ashtavinayak Media & Entertainment is building their presence on the international circuit.The founders adopted a born global approach to their practice and development with clients and collaborators in the National & International Market. We are gaining recognition on the international stage for the passion, commitment and dedication. Our VFX pipeline gives us the ability to expand the demands of a project on a shot by shot basis, and along with our in house tools we are able to deliver on time, on budget and with the quality your project deserves.

We are Outsource Partner with TATA ELXSI & Reliance Media Works.